We’re hiring!

Mabel is looking for a full-time store manager to lead our growing business to the next level.  You’ll love our store and our people. And we have great customers, our neighbors who’ve become a big part of our brand. You’ll need to be both creative and operationally astute, with experience in and passion for the artisan coffee and food business.  You’ll be a mentor to staff, and the face of Mabel to customers, vendors, and our proud Ballard community.

You’ll need to be flexible with your hours, available during the week and occasional weekends.  People in Ballard drink coffee between 5am and 5pm, as a general rule, so Mabel will count on you to be on site or on call.

Mabel is a beloved brand. We strive every day to provide a lift to our customers with coffee and food for the road less traveled. If you can help us grow, and be even more Mabel-y, we hope you’ll join our team and apply for the job we offer.

Email Brooke at mabelcoffeecrew@gmail.com

Stop by and see us – we open at 6:00 a.m. weekdays, closing at 3:00 p.m, and on weekends, open 7:00 a.m. until 4:00 pm.

From the Mabel Crew